The Ayr Interceptor Sewer - Phase 1 

Client: West of Scotland Water Authority   Main Contractor: George Leslie

January 1999

Photograph. The launching of the TCP Iseki 2845 TBM

Photograph (Above). Shaft sinking through hard ground 

Photograph (Above). Launching the TCP Iseki 2845 TBM

Photograph (Above). Shaft sinking (Below) The TBM launch of the Iseki TCC1120 on the River Don Crossing


By James Durose-Rayner

Editor, natm 

The TBM's they utilised on this job and the larger tunnel were the totally wrong machines for the ground.

It is a 'horses for courses' scenario and although the Iseki's are great machines - they thrive in sands and silts however in Ayr it was rock and the Herrenknecht TBM or SM Roadheader or even drill and blast were the only way to tackle this job.

George Leslie were a lovely contractor, and as with the Scottish Water authorities at the time were always very, very amenable.

It was an extremely testing job and lots of lessons were learned.

James Montgomery was the project manager for the West of Scotland Water Authority.

Photograph (Above and Below). Boulders on the Ayr job  

(Left) Launching the TCP Iseki 2845 TBM

Around 4km of sheet piling was driven to form the construction of 12 Nr. cofferdams which formed shafts/storage tanks along the route.